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New Crazy Time Game Show Action from Evolution Gaming

Posted by Rizk Casino 2 years ago (30.06.2020)

Evolution Gaming’s taken the stratospherically popular Monopoly Wheel format and spun it on its head!

It’s Crazy Time by name and crazy time by nature! This brand-new Live Casino thrill comes with four Bonus Rounds:

1. Pachinko Round. It’s a Pinball – Connect 4 mashup!
2. Cash Hunt Round. Game Show theme with a shot of winning up to 25,000x your bet.
3. Coin Flip Round. It’s got a 5,000x payout.
4. The Crazy Time Round. This motherload has the chance to pay out up to 160,000x your bet.

And whilst the Bonus Features are packed with prize-dropping potential, on each spin, multipliers can be added onto any one of the game’s Bonus Rounds. The eggheads at Evolution have managed to make things even spicier too. Why do you ask? Players can expect to access any one of these four fabulous features statistically every six spins. Let’s get right into it and see exactly what these incredible features entail! Spin the wheel and here’s what will happen if you land on the…


Launch the first of the Bonus Rounds and straight away you’ll see at the footer of the feature a serious of prizes in a row, all lined up and ready to go. Like a typical Japanese Pachinko, the aim of the game is that a ball will be dropped from the top of the gameboard and ping-pong it's way down until finally coming to a stop in any one of the prize slots.

The prize you can win will rely entirely on the slot inside which the electric ball lands. Unlimited doubles can be collected to – these will be responsible for increasing your potential winnings.


When this Bonus Game launched, you’ll play with a game grid of exactly 108 varied prizes displayed as multipliers that can be won. Your Live Dealer will kickstart the fun by pulling back the golden lever to randomize the prizes on the game board before stashing them away beneath Stars and Jokers, plus a chicken, a hat, a cupcake, a wrapped package, a cactus, and a rabbit.

This is where the fun begins, line up your crosshairs, and take aim at the game! Ready, aim and fire at any one of the tiles to reveal a prize. In this round, get ready for pay-outs of up to 25,000x your wager. Crikey!


This round includes… well, coin flips. But before you avert your gaze, Woah there! The screen will show a coin with opposing faces of red and blue. As soon as the coin completes its spin, two different multipliers will be displayed. Much like the first feature, the bottom of your screen’s where you should be looking right now!

As under the screen, a bowl will be waiting, housing… another coin! This one will leap up and hit either the red or blue-sided coin and thereafter confirm the prize you’ve won. This tantalizing side of the game possesses a pay-out potential of up to 5,000x your bet.


This is where the fun really takes a maniacal turn. With its crazy studio setting in the background, here the magnificent game wheel will be surrounded by trains, tentacles, and loads more!

Here, the game wheel has a blue, green and yellow flapper, when the round begins, you’ll be asked to pick which of the flappers you’d prefer to use. At this stage, the wheel is ready to spin. And to really get the adrenaline pumping, the game will display several varying multipliers The prize you’ll win is confirmed by your chosen colorful flapper when the wacky wheel comes to halt.

This massive feature has the capability to pay out as much as 160,000x your stake!


It may occur to some that Evolution has lost the plot but what some may say is insanity, we call it innovation! They’ve thrown the kitchen sink at the spinning action to make this new game experience like no other.

From graphics to gameplay, could Evolution’s Crazy time be your new ker-ay-zee-est party game? Log into Rizk and take on the wackiest gaming experience yet!

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