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Rizk PNG release races

Posted by Rizk Casino 4 years ago (28.06.2018)

The Rizk Race has gone through some changes, an evolution of sorts, it-s entered a new stage. While the week-long version of the Rizk Race was more of a Le Mans style race, the new races are more of a drag race; fast, intense and exciting.

Joining A Rizk Race
You can find and join a race by visiting the Rizk Race Page, located on the left side of the Rizk Casino Page or by clicking on the Rizk Race Logo, located on the right-hand side of the games window.

Here-s How It Works
The Rizk Race is simple enough to understand You-ll get a pre-defined time limit to play and a set amount of spins to complete. At the end of the allocated time and spin limit, the player who has accrued the most points wins.

You-ll get the chance to win a number of exciting prizes at the end of the races, all of which are completely wager-free.

1. The Main Races
Every day there will be two main races, both of which run for 55 minutes. The first starts at 19:00 CET/CEST with a 1st prize of €500 and the other, which starts at 21:00 CET/CEST and offers up a 1st prize of €1000. The main races are run on a specific game, which can be found on the races page when you join the races.

2. Race All Day
On top of the main races, races will start every 30 minutes throughout the course of the day. These are 25 minutes long and offer up prizes including Free Money, Free Spins and Super Spins.

The Points System
Below you can see how the points are calculated during the races.

- Every win = 10 points
- 3 wins in a row = 30 points
- 3 losses in a row = 40 points
- Big wins (minimum 10x your original bet) = 300 points

The Games
The main races will be run on a specific game, which can be found on the race page when you join the race, all other races are for all games, except:

- Table games
- Live casino games
- 3 reel slots
- Video poker
- Genii games, Castle Builder slot and any slot games with either a “feature collect” mechanism or a “gamble” feature, where it is possible, post-game, to gamble your winnings from that spin.

So now you know it all works and now you know how amazing the new Rizk Races are. Now-s the time to join a race and show everybody how to play slots.
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