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Up to 1 million winning combinations in Pillars of Asgard

Posted by Casumo Casino 2 years ago (29.06.2020)

Pillars of Asgard, a brand new release at Casumo

You-ll probably want to read up on your Norse mythology because this other-words, brand new game release is all about it. There are exciting new features with up to a million winning combinations, that too. But in short, in Pillars of Asgard, you-ll need to find a way to raise the reels all the way up to the sky and pass through the gateway of the Gods, straight into Asgard. How did you ask? Keep reading and we might just tell you…

How to get to Asgard?
Remember what we just said about catching up on Norse mythology? If you did as suggested, you-ll already know this, but for the ones who-s mythology knowledge is still a little rusty, here are some basics that you should know about Pillars of Asgard.

Asgard is a location associated with the Gods (comparable to Mount Olympus from Greek mythology) and it can be reached from Midgard, but only over the Bifröst, which is a Rainbow Bridge. At its foot rise the Pillars of Asgard, the gateway to the Gods, and keeper of the Asgardians.

The key features of this game might help you get all the way to the top, so make sure to give them a close read!

Key features of Pillars of Asgard
Reel Rise Free Games - Up to 1,000,000 Winning Combinations: 20 Free Games are triggered when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on your screen. During Free Games, every Scatter symbol that appears increases the number of symbol positions on its respective reel by 1. Each reel can extend up to a maximum of 10 symbol positions per reel.

Floating Stacked Wild: Odin awakens and becomes charged with power when all reels reach their maximum height. A Wild Stack randomly replaces a full reel for the remainder of the Reel Rise feature. This feature is triggered when all 6 reels reach the maximum height of 10 symbol positions.

Wild Multiplier: All the wins in which one or more Wild symbols substitute are randomly multiplied. The range of possible multiplier values depends on the number of Wild symbols appearing on your screen.

Buy Pass: Buy Pass allows you to bypass regular gameplay and immediately trigger the Reel Rise feature. The cost to directly activate Buy Pass equals 80x your total Bet. The Buy Pass cannot be activated during the Reel Rise feature.

Buy Pass with Chance: You can also play for a chance to activate the Buy Pass we just mentioned. Buy Pass bets are available in increments of 10x your total bet (up to a maximum of 70x).

The hypothetical return to a player for this game is 96.042%
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