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Monthly promo: Double Points on 3 Tiny Gods

Posted by Rewards Affiliates 1 year ago (18.09.2020)

 The Egyptian pantheon is about to come to life in the pint-sized form! Inside a sealed pyramid await hyper-stylized versions of Horus, Bastet, and Anubis, and a lightning strike holds the power to set them loose. As an adventurer from afar, the Pharaoh has tasked you with unlocking the secrets of the heavens and finding the treasure that's rumored to be locked in an old ruler's vault. But to gain access you'll need to release Horus, the bird-headed god, Bastet, the cat god, and Anubis, the dog-headed god, and entreat them to lend you their powers. Each tiny god has its own unique ability, and all of them can cause the very sands to shift under your feet - bringing you closer to ancient treasure and changing the game with a single spin. With their help of this trio of tiny deities, you'll decipher hieroglyphs, make high-stakes decisions, and earn life-changing jackpots worthy of a Pharaoh.

Play 3 Tiny Gods this month and you will be credited with Double Points.

 If this month’s featured game is not available in your casino, you may participate in this promotion by playing on Casino Rewards Treasure Quest™.

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